Nathaniel Essex
High Majesty Sinister


High Majesty Sinister


Sinister Empire

Formerly known as Nathaniel Essex, Sinister menaced the X-Men for years. After the Fall, he has established the Sinister Empire in the area formerly known as Korea.


Founding the Sinister SystemEdit

Mister Sinister has modified his genetic code to the point where he is his own species. Egotist that Sinister is, he long ago decided that society would be better off if the Sinister Species replaced humanity. Of course, he'd be in charge. To that end, he created cosmically-power Creation Engines to produce a populace of Sinisters.

Some time after the Fall, Sinister betrayed Apocalypse, and seized control of the Korean peninsula, founding his Sinister Empire. Using Life Seeds stolen from Akkaba caches, Sinister powered his Creation Engines. Now the Sinister System is dominant in the peninsula.

Rebellions' Words on the Sinister SystemEdit

The Slums of Sinister Seoul were as dreadful as ever. It was here that humanity had been congregated, and in the other ghettos. They had no choice in the matter, and many considered it lucky that High Majesty Sinister had seen fit to let them live at all. They were not allowed to live in the countryside, let alone Sinister Seoul proper. None of the Sinister Cities were open to those outside the System.

The Sinister System was not something one chose. In the Sister Empire, 95% of humanoid life was of the Sinister species, the manpower of the Sinister System. 40% of non-humanoid life was also part of the Sinister System. The Sinister System is not a choice, it is in their very DNA. The Sinister System did not accept humans. The Rebellion was not one done in the name of the populous. The Sinister System could not be turned against Sinister himself. Total victory for the Rebellion would be History’s bloodiest coup d’etat. The Rebellion was survival. The Sinister System was not a choice.

The ghettos, including the Slums of Sinister Seoul, and their human inhabitants were allowed to exist because there were some jobs considered too lower for even the Sinister Plebeians to handle. The slum dwellers were the lowest of the low, the Untouchables, no better than slaves. For this reason, the members of the Sinister Species rarely visited the slums when it was not time to recruit labor. The Slums had their own so-called government, which the Sinister Empire supplied with propaganda and minor assistance for the purpose of making them tools.