Mia Ko




Herself; Rebellion


Unknown (likely mutant)







Mia Ko, codename Conduit, is a superhuman after the Fall. She emerged in the former Korean Peninsula, the area known as the Sinister Empire.



Conduit’s father was a villain, one of those involved with the purge. Her mother was a rebellious daughter of a Korean general from Busan, who got caught up with the wrong people. She was disgusted by the villain’s actions and gained the opportunity to escape his custody when Mister Sinister staged his coup against Apocalypse. Since then, they have been on the run in the Sinister Empire, which encompasses Korea, North-east China and neighboring areas of Russia. Her mother was concerned more with survival than revolution, but since her death at the hands of a Sinister execution squad Mia has harbored the desire to bring down the dictator and liberate the people imprisoned in his capital, the audaciously-named Sinister Seoul.

Joining the RebellionEdit

While hiding from Sinister in Pyeongchang, Mia was recruited by Woojin into the Rebellion.

Expedition to HaejuEdit

She joined Woojin's faction of the Rebellion in an expedition to Haeju.


Conduit has the power to manipulate and redirect raw energy. She cannot pull power from nowhere. With the current levels she operates at, her power source needs to be densely charged and within reasonable proximity. She could pull the charge from a battery, but couldn’t remove all the heat from a room, at least not fast enough for it to matter. She has very little ability to hold this energy herself, and must discharge it fairly quickly. Once its left her body, she can't really control it.

She was born with her power, and so presumes herself a mutant.


No formal combat training, but can hold her own in hand-to-hand combat. In general, the skills you’d need to survive on her own, on the run, she has. Nothing out-of-the-ordinary.


Basic survival tools, nothing fancy. A basic handgun. An experiment Sinister energy cell - think something a la the Iron Man arc reactor - which nobody can figure out how to use, but she can draw on its energy to fuel her powers.


Short, black hair. She's of Korean descent, at least on her mother's half, so her facial features would follow. Nothing abnormal. She is in very good shape but is perhaps a little undernourished.


Mia was raised on the run, and has become what you would expect as a result. She is suspicious of strangers and reluctant to stay in one place. She is slow to trust and will never forgive betrayal. But her trust, once earned, is great. She’s not one to joke.