Name: Unknown Villain Name: Lord Steel Age: 29 Gender: Unknown Appearance: True appearance is unknown. Lord Steel wears a heavily modified version of stolen Iron man armor that has been upgraded on a massive scale. No one who has challenged Lord Steel has ever returned alive Personality: Very cold and calculating. Although Lord Steel has been said to posses a very fierce temper. Powers: The ability to fire repulsar beams from the hands and the ability to fire beams of unknown composition from the eyes. The suit is also armed with other weapons such as small missiles. The suit also is capable of near superhuman strength. Skills: Experienced with technology and is capable of repairing nearly anything. History: Although Lord Steel wasn't present during the initial years after the purge, the unknown man or woman known as Lord Steel first appeared a few years ago and killed off a minor warlord and quickly took over his territory and soon after began to expand the territory to include most of California and a few other states. Other villains attempted to stand against her but they didn't really stand a chance. As of recently, Lord Steel has stopped adding territory and it's rumored that Lord Steel is currently battling it out with another villain for territory. Equipment: Battle suit that was based off stolen iron man suit designs.