Name: Curtis Thane Hero Name: Mr. Crowley Age: 35 Gender: Male Appearance: A tall man at 6' 1" and 230 lb. He has sharp cheekbones and a relatively slim face. Ice blue eyes, and short black-brown hair. He wears a shady black fedora-esque hat, black Oakley Fuel Cell sunglasses, and an unsettling bone mask. Commonly wears bulletproof combat armor under a dark trenchcoat. Personality: Enigmatic, cunning, manipulative, perceptive. Cares nothing for morals, only logic. Powers: He has the ability to telepathically speak to people. As such, he is able to enter people's minds, able to forcefully rip out information, at the cost of severe migraines to the victim. He is also able to subtly persuade weaker-minded people to agree with him. He also has strength and endurance well beyond the average human. Skills: Other than his neural powers, he is a skilled martial artist - having trained for over 20 years. He has a very unbreakable poker face, and has a 'sixth sense' that warns him when danger is approaching. History: An enigmatic man, very little is known about him. What is known about him is that he allies with the side he could benefit from. As such, he is known to bounce back and forth between the two factions periodically. Affiliation: Neutral Evil Equipment: HUD built into sunglasses, .50 Caliber Desert Eagle, serrated combat knife, various grenades.